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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Rings true. October 2, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Enjoyed reading this book.

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Although it is short, I found it as easy but informative read about a truthful relationship. Found it made me more appreciative of the Carter couple and family. We feel the same way about communication and respect through the years with mutual and individual interests to keep the relationship vital.

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  7. May 28, - Published on Amazon. Good Time Read. June 12, - Published on Amazon. An interesting and influential book about travels with a genuine family. December 15, - Published on Amazon. Love that this is narrated by President Carter! January 9, - Published on Amazon.

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    From our greatest living statesman come more pearls of wisdom. A kind and thoughtful man, husband and father, Jimmy Carter shares insightful stories of his life with friends and family. There is a tradeoff between the number of working hours per worker and the number of job positions available. Messenger and Naj Ghosheh discuss both forms of work sharing, present eight case studies of crisis work sharing during the Great Recession, offer an empirical look at the potential for work sharing in the United States, and summarize policy implications for work-sharing programs.

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    Both the temporary and the permanent forms of work sharing seek to reduce unemployment by addressing the cyclical and structural factors that stifle job growth. Crisis work sharing allows firms to cut labor costs without layoffs and has been implemented primarily, but not exclusively, in the manufacturing and construction sectors of various economies. This increased worker retention during economic contractions curbs employer administrative costs associated with staff turnover, keeps functioning plants in operation, and boosts morale by avoiding layoffs.

    At the same time, linked training programs help maintain skilled workforces. Permanent work sharing intends to raise the steady-state employment level, thus promoting the wellbeing of overworked and overemployed workers while simultaneously providing job security for those most vulnerable to termination.

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    According to the authors of Work Sharing , however, the observed effect on employment may not be so straightforward. The neoclassical economic view suggests that output must decline as a result of the shock to working hours, and employment levels may even decrease.

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    The Keynesian perspective predicts that total spending and output would not decrease, but the composition of output across industries may change. Indirect effects and other factors, such as labor indivisibility, fixed labor costs and underutilized labor capacity, overtime leakage, skill shortages and mismatches, and productivity offset, may all jointly determine the observed net effect on employment. Deadweight loss and displacement effects—namely, the crowding out of new businesses by inefficient ones—present concerns for policymakers and may need to be addressed through eligibility criteria and program limitations.

    In light of these insights, the real-world case studies presented in the book offer wide-ranging results. During the Great Recession, the crisis form of work sharing was put into effect in several countries, each with its own unique method of implementation.

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    The most influential aspect of eligibility criteria may have been the speed of the approval process to participate in a work-sharing program. Other differences among work-sharing programs involved the extent of reduced hours and earnings, wage supplementation, time limits and other checks to deadweight loss and displacement effects, and the role of training programs.

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    Work Sharing finds that while Germany may have been the epicenter of work-sharing labor policies, the employment effect of such policies during the Great Recession—effect defined as the number of jobs saved—was greatest in absolute terms in Japan and in percentage terms in Belgium. Work Sharing also considers the compatibility of the U. Some aspects of the U. This is also evident in cuts to the workweek of temporary workers and a drop in manufacturing overtime hours.