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Recruitment for the UK trial is now closed, but we need to wait until data from all around the world has been put together to know the results.


We're also funding a project that will investigate how MSCs interact with and affect the cells of the immune system in people with secondary progressive MS. Researchers will compare these interactions to those seen in people without MS. This project will help us to better understand the way in which mesenchymal stem cells work and how they may be beneficial as a treatment for people with MS.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are a hugely exciting area of research. MSCT or mesenchymal stem cell therapy is an exciting new area of research being explored as an MS treatment. Stem cell research has come on leaps and bounds over the past few decades, and shows great promise for finding treatments for MS. Multiple Sclerosis Society. Registered as a limited company in England and Wales We use cookies but not the edible kind to make our website better for everyone.

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  • They can produce many different types of cells, including muscle and cartilage. Understanding more about mesenchymal stem cells in progressive MS We're also funding a project that will investigate how MSCs interact with and affect the cells of the immune system in people with secondary progressive MS. Share this page.

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    You may also be interested in Stem cells Stem cells are a hugely exciting area of research. Find out about stem cell research.

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    Read about MSCT research. Under the microscope: What can stem cell science do for MS? Read about stem cells and MS. Is that ok?


    Tell me more Yes. About cookies Some cookies are important for our website to run. Edit cookies Ok More about cookies. This marks an important step forward in MS research and treatment, as early experiments with stem cell therapies have shown encouraging results.

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    One major factor which distinguishes this study from the previously conducted Canadian bone marrow transplantation BMT trial is that participants are not subjected to intensive chemotherapy, which is required prior to BMT to effectively eliminate the diseased immune system.

    MSC therapy, on the other hand, works by subduing the harmful immune cells that drive MS, and so the researchers anticipate that the procedure will carry a lower risk to participants, since no chemotherapy is required and the MSC have the potential of controlling inflammation in the absence of other MS medications. The results of the MESCAMS trial will be pooled with data emerging from the concurrent international MSC trial, culminating in a rich body of information that could not otherwise be attained by individual research centres alone.

    The Canadian contribution to the trial is poised to make Canada a leader in researching MSC therapy in MS, largely owing to the seasoned expertise of the lead investigators and other collaborators, as well as substantial investment into state-of-the-art stem cell facilities built in compliance with stringent government regulations. Mark Freedman. Search Results. Filter By Type.