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I made sure to over-deliver. In doing so, I created a very happy customer and an advocate for my company. This not only gave me another project to put in my portfolio, but it gave me a valuable human reference from a real business owner.

7 Signs You Might Be A Serial Entrepreneur

This was key to getting my second customer. As a dad with daughters or sons , one of your primary responsibilities is to help them with school projects. Scheduling time for your child to work on her project.

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Making sure that she has gone to the library and searched the web for the proper research materials. Helping them write the report and typing it up on the computer.

1. Quickly Identify Your Value and Strengths

Then comes you, the dad. You come armed with your tools, scrap building materials, and your unrelenting desire to build something cool. I was in college at the time when I started, so my first few websites resulted in free food from the snackbar and some free flyers printed by the campus copy shop.

The next time I was home at the end of that semester, I knew that if I wanted to make this thing work, that I needed to get paid.

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So I created a little one page document that outlined what I did, put together a small portfolio of those horrible looking sites I had basically done for free including one I did as a class project and another I did for a professor and I started driving around my hometown.

And for reference, back in , websites were not top of mind for your average small business. I knew this would be an uphill battle here in the Northeast, given the current job market, but it was an exciting challenge to take on. We followed the standard playbook. We put together the job descriptions and then added some marketing flair , posted them in a few places, and reached out to some agencies. We also bought access into a resume search engines, just to give it a whirl.

#1 — Justin Kan

We got the standard influx of resumes that one would expect. We got several resumes of not-so-qualified candidates as well.

Serial Entrepreneur Bill Gross Shares His Keys to Startup Success

We also started getting A LOT of calls from agencies that we never engaged with. There were some good resumes that we saw; there were even some great ones. After a wild outrage from their loyal drinkers, the company had to retract quickly. How do you balance personal and professional life?

What about the anxiety? Anoth er serial entrepreneur who talked about failure openly was James Altucher, an American venture capitalist, author and podcaster. In his TED Talk, he described a point in his life when he was on the ground, crying and thinking of suicide so his family can benefit from his life insurance. Instead, Altucher recommended thinking of failure as an experiment that can be overcome in 5 ways: improving physical health move for at least 10 minutes a day , improving emotional health surround yourself by people you love and trust , improving spiritual health practice gratitude , capturing brilliant ideas write 10 ideas a day and giving without expectation give ideas for free.

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It comes with the job. We need help to make sense of that.

Watch the full interview here. The entrepreneurship journey is always one of uncertainty — but having a business mindset and complementary traits can ease the process.