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That takes incredible skill. Martin isn't afraid to kill or mutilate anyone, but fortunately my favorites have managed to stay alive so far. Getting really into this series now! I started the third one right after finishing this one. I think this one is better than the first, as well.

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The only parts I didn't like were the Theon parts, because it was just too bleak and hard for me to handle. Dany's story got better than in the first book. The battles continue to be the least interesting part. Davos was also kind of boring, but I suppose his POV was useful for some things.

Ditto Catelyn. Cersei became more interesting. Tyrion was rad again. Like its predecessor in the series, this was simply a fantastic book. My only criticism is that I often wanted parts to move a bit quicker so that I could find out what would happen to certain characters in certain situations. Also, like in the first book, Martin included several plot elements that really surprised me.

The first book killed a main character; the second book brought loss closer to home than the reader expects. I can't wait to read the sequels but I'll admit that I needed to take a bit of a break from the genre before picking up A Storm of Swords. Perhaps it's becaue of the complexity of the characaters, story, and world. My criticism that this particular volume reads a bit slower stands, but the characters and story are so fascinating that it never feels like you're working to get through the book; rather, there is a sort of impatience to find out what happened to the particular characters and story lines that the reader finds most appealing.

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Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally. Regular readers know that I've decided to take on this year all five of the current "Song of Ice and Fire" fantasy novels by George R. Martin; my main thoughts on the series as a whole can be found in my barn-burning review of Game of Thrones, for those who need to get caught up on the complicated backstory, and why I'm really loving them when I'm usually not much of a fan of the genre, but I also promised that I'd get short write-ups posted as well of each subsequent volume as I finished them.

And lo and behold, here we are pages later, and I'm finally done with volume two, A Clash of Kings; and in the effort to remain as spoiler-free as possible, let's just say that it's simply a lot more of the same, basically taking all the running storylines from the first novel and merely continuing and expanding them here. But still, there are differences in this second volume as well and again, these will be spoiler-free , my favorite of which is how Martin manages to very slyly add in all kinds of issues that might seem at first to be tips of the hat to our modern times, but in actuality have their roots in actual Medieval history, only with most of us now forgetting so; for example, how his fictional version of Western Europe circa AD is peppered with female and gay leaders here and there including the elaborately costumed "Rainbow Guard" of the closeted King Renly, and his lesbian personal bodyguard , which might seem at first like a postmodern touch but were real occurrences in the Middle Ages more often than you'd think.

Or take how the role of religion has expanded in this second volume, with there now not just being their equivalents of paganism and Judeo-Christianity the "Old Gods" and "New Gods" of the first book but also the scattered rise of various monotheistic "doomsday cults" the Lord of Light in the east, for example, or the Kraken God of the island-heavy northwest , which again seems modern but were actually a substantial part of the religious landscape of the real Middle Ages. Or look at how Martin is very deliberately showing how this endless civil war between the five people currently vying for the Big Freaking King title is very quickly destroying the entire continent, with entire nation-sized areas by the end that are now basically smoking holes in the ground; and once again, although this may seem at first to be a clever reference to modern ecological concerns, in reality this is what actually happened to large parts of Europe in those years, through a combination of plague and war.

If you liked Game of Thrones you'll love part two, with the reverse being true as well, and needless to say that I'm looking highly forward to making my way through volume three next, the battle-heavy A Storm of Swords. Out of 8. It's blood red, and it means different things for different people. But whether it is a good or bad omen, it doesn't matter. Up in the North, Robb Stark is the new king after the slaughter of Ned. He wants to make peace with Joffery, but that may never happen.

His mother Catelyn is by his side, and her will is almost crushed. Her husband is dead, her son Bran is hopelessly crippled, and her two daughters are held captive. But she bears on hoping for a better outcome. Bran has been having strange dreams called Green Dreams, dreams that can tell the future. Also dreams about his direwolf Summer, which makes people believe he's a shapeshifter.

A Clash of Kings

And lastly, he's having dreams about falling. The same fall that crippled him. What he'll have to face will be complete terror. Sansa is the betrothed of Joffrey, a boy of thirteen who reigns after Robert Baratheon. The only reason why she's alive is because if she dies, Joff's Uncle Jaime Lannister will be murdered in the prison in Winterfell.

Sansa used to love Joff, but ever since he ordered Ned to be executed, things have changed and now she wants out of the marriage and to escape. Arya actually has escaped the Iron Islands and now is disguised as an orphan boy in the Night's Watch.

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

There she'll have many hardships that will put her swordsmanship to the test. And every day, her hatred grows until she gets her revenge. And finally there is Jon Snow, Ned Stark's illegitimate son. He's still on the Night's Watch exploring more of the world beyond the Wall and all of the dangers. This is what's left of the Stark family.

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Down South, the three Baratheon kings rule. The first king is Joffery on the Iron Throne.

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He's much too young to rule by himself, but everything he "does" goes through either his mother, Cersei, or his Uncle Tyrion. Cersei may be the mastermind of Joff's power, and she has a secret so big, it'll affect the course of Westeros. Tryrion is a dwarf, and through his wits he survived, and through his wits he's thriving.

He's constantly battling Cersei to see who can outdo each other. The second and third Baratheon kings are Stannis and Renly. Both of them are Robert's brothers, both want power, both will stop at nothing to get it, and both want each other dead. Then there is Daenerys Targaryen in the East. She has the Blood of the Dragons, and the past year in [A Game of Thrones] has unnaturally aged her way past her years. She was left with her sun-and-stars husband, Drogo, dead, and her stillborn son.

She was helpless and powerless, but now she has a new weapon. Dany has three newly-hatched dragons: Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. The dragons are back with much excitement to Dany and the East, but to horror in Westeros. She just found out that her number one enemy Robert Baratheon has died, and now she wants to go back and be the Queen of Westeros, but her future is uncertain, but she is determined to win. The Kings play a dangerous game. They fight, they clash, and will inevitably die. And that will either be apocalyptic, or a new beginning.

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George R. Continuing the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of George R. Martin's landmark series, this gorgeously illustrated special edition of A Clash of Kings features over twenty all-new illustrations from Lauren K. Cannon, both colour and black-and-white, and a special foreword by Bernard Cornwell. The Iron Throne once united the Sunset Lands, but King Robert is dead, his widow is a traitor to his memory, and his surviving brothers are set on a path of war amongst themselves.

His daughter Sansa is betrothed still to his killer's son Joffrey - Queen Cersei's son, though not the son of her late husband Robert. Even so, Joffrey is now a boy-king, Cersei is his regent, and war is inevitable. In Dragonstone, Robert's brother Stannis has declared himself king, while his other brother Renly proclaims himself king at Storm's End - and Eddard Stark's fifteen year old son Robb wears the crown of the north at Winterfell.

A comet in the night sky, red and malevolent, the colour of blood and flame, can only be an omen of murder and war. Stannis's child Princess Shireen dreams of dragons waking from stone.