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There is a lot of research on human decision-making. Here are some of my favorite insights from the research.

'Take a Decision' or 'Make a Decision'? | Grammar Girl

We like to think that we are logical and that when we are making a decision, we carefully weigh all of our alternatives. Even the big decisions where we think we are being logical, the research shows that most of our decisions — big or small — are made unconsciously and involve emotion. By looking at brain activity while making a decision, researchers could predict what choice people would make seconds before they themselves were even aware of having made a decision. Another problem is that if you are diligent in your design process and ask people what factors are important to them, you might not be getting a true answer.

What people tell you is the reason for why they do what they do may not be the actual reason. The vmPFC is part of the prefrontal cortex, i.

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It is important in regulating fear. Other parts of your brain in particular the amygdala tell you when you should be afraid and what you should be afraid of. The vmPFC, in contrast, has an opposite role.

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It mitigates conditioned fear. It stops you from continuing to be afraid in certain situations.

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When the vmPFC is active then you are able to let go of conditioned fears. As a result, you are then able to make a decision. You should just assume that all decisions involve emotions. Rather than just making logical arguments to persuade, you are more likely to persuade people to take an action if you understand how they are feeling about the decision and feed their feeling. For example, if Kelly is feeling apprehensive about making a wrong decision then your messaging should be more about making her feel secure and safe than it is about product features.

There is actually a neuron that fires up in the brain that triggers people to take action when the brain decides it is confident of a decision. Top 4 Uses of Embedded Analytics. How can cloud computing save money?

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The Vroom-Yetton decision model

Software Technology Trends. Latest Articles. Reinforcement Learning Vs. If Kelly was comparing the features of the different levels for the chatbot service then she would be making a value-based goal decision.

A Systematic Approach for Making Decisions

Habit-based decisions occur in the basal ganglia deep in the brain. This means that people are either making a goal-directed decision or a habit decision, but not both at the same time. If you give someone a lot of information then they will switch from habit to goal-directed. If you want them to make a goal-directed decision then do give them information to review.

Let her make the habit-based decision to renew. If you are hoping that she will go up a level not down then you may want to give her data on her options as that will kick her from a habit decision to a goal-directed decision. You may have heard the idea that people can only remember, or deal with 7 plus or minus 2 things at a time 5 to 9.

This actually is not true. It was a theory first mentioned by Miller in at a talk he gave at the American Psychological Association meeting.

3 Timeless Rules for Making Tough Decisions

The real number is not Refuting research includes:. People liked having more choices to choose from but they were more satisfied with their choice when there was less to choose from. So, is there anything you can do to encourage Kelly to re-subscribe and not change her level of membership? In this case, the decision is probably a habit-based decision.

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The best thing to do, then, is to not do much at all. Instead, give her one or two reasons why continuing with her current subscription is the way to go and leave it at that. At a different time not when she is deciding whether to renew , you can make a pitch for a higher premium level.

But if you do that pitch while she is about to renew, you may jeopardize her habit-based renewal.